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Today we would like you to choose the piece of work that you would like to share with us. Looking forward to the surprise!


Here is a short video to get you started. Video

Guided Reading

Eliza and the Moonchild by Emma Chichester Clark


Today is a chance for you to check your understanding of the times tables so far. If you would like a chance to practise the 3s and 4s, then there are two sheets below. One is division facts and the other is multiplication.

If you would like a chance to check your skills with all the times tables we have been learning, then there are two more sheets below. Again, one is division and the other is multiplication.

These are not timed and you can use drawings or objects to help you, but only if you need to.

There are answer sheets as well so you can check how you got on.

To support your practise remember to use Times Tables Rock Stars. Here are some other games you could try to help you practise. Hit The Button is a favourite. Don't forget to look for games that help you learn the division facts as well.