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Today you are going to be using your adventure story plans from yesterday to write your story. You will need to build on your plan by adding more information and detail into your descriptions. Before you write sentences down it is really important you say them in your head a few times to make sure they make sense. 

Use the 'remember to' grid from Wednesday to remind you of all the key components of your writing for example, making sure sentences always start with a capital letter and end with a full stop. As well as continuing to use the word mats from yesterdays lesson.


Your story will start with the setting description, you need to describe to the reader where your story is going to take place. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to get started when we write stories so, below is the opening to my story that takes place in an enchanted forest. If there are certain phrases or words you like to use make sure you magpie them for your own story! Remember your aim is to build a picture in the reader's mind.


It was a frosty winter’s night and I was stood in the middle of the enormous enchanted forest. The thin, towering trees were covered by crumbling bark that looked like a crocodile’s back. All I could hear was the rustling of animals scurrying through the crunchy leaves surrounding me.


Once you have written your story, underline the sentence you are most proud of and then draw an illustration from your favourite part.


Guided Reading

For guided reading today you are going to be using your inference skills to answer a series of questions. Inference is the reading skill which means that you need to look for clues in the text so make sure you have your detective hat on!


Today is our last day on times tables. For today we are going to be focusing on our 10 times table. First warm up by listening to the 10 times table song with Jim the rabbit. Then, similarly to the maths from Wednesday and Thursday there is a video for you to watch with a series of questions throughout for you to practice. Remember you can pause and re-watch the videos at any point. 


Once you have watched the videos complete the worksheet below. 


We missed out on our PE lesson on Monday so to get you moving on the last day of school for this week please follow along with Joe Wicks for this 8 minute workout. 



Listen to the piece of music composed by Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi. As you are listening your task is to use pictures or patterns to show how you are feeling at different points throughout the piece of music, you may choose to use colours to show different emotions. The aim is to fill the whole page with lots of different patterns and drawings so you may need to listen to the piece of music a few times. As you are drawing, try to relax you have worked extremely hard these past 3 days!