Welcome to our school website - please come in and take a look around. Do you know our six school values? They are co-operation, respect, determination, gratitude, honesty and kindness.

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For today we are going to think about the opposite of yesterday's work. Kindness is not always easy. In fact sometimes it is downright difficult. This might be because of how you or someone else is feeling. Maybe it is hard to be kind to someone if they have not shown kindness.


Think about those times when it is difficult and write down (at least) 4 sentences.


Like yesterday, if you start each one in the same way and write it on a new line, you will have a poem. If you add it to yesterday's work then you have a longer poem which looks at kindness in two different ways. Well done!


Have you remembered your times tables today??


As usual, here is the link for bitesize:


A little bit more on decimals and fractions before we move onto fractions of amounts next week!