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Friday 13th November 2020

Children have enjoyed their non-uniform day in support of Children in Need today! Around school today we saw Maths and English lessons carrying on as normal (albeit attended by yellow bears and football players) as well as specific learning about the aims of the BBC Children in Need appeal.  It was a great way to finish the week. Thank you for all of your generous donations. At the time of writing, we have raised over £700, which is nearly double our total for last year! Please continue to donate using the School Gateway app if you can.

Questionnaire Results

Thank you to everyone who completed the questionnaire from Cathedral Schools Trust focusing on our response to Coronavirus.  A summary of the range of responses is provided below for your information. We are particularly encouraged that your children feel safe in school, that communication is good, that you fell you have access to the information you need, and that you are aware of the measures in place to keep everyone safe. While the results are mainly positive, we also recognise the responses from those of you who have been less satisfied and will be working to review our offer in those areas, including our home-schooling offer for periods of closure.

Keep on staying safe!

On the subject of Coronavirus, we are hugely thankful and impressed by the ongoing commitment and contribution from the whole community to the additional measures imposed on our lives at the moment.  From wearing face coverings in the playground, to walking around the one way system, to sacrificing the ability to bring in treats and gifts for other children on birthdays - everything contributes to the collective effort.  In this period of additional lockdown, it is worth remembering the government's current guidelines on families and children mixing outside of school. Whilst in the context of school, children are organised into distinct groups (or "bubbles") there are still strict rules about contact outside of school.

House competition alert

In Term 1, Hazel and Bay classes learnt throwing with accuracy, catching with confidence and dodging with agility. They put these skills into practice each week with games including dodgeball and benchball. This week both classes represented their houses in some dramatic and highly competitive games of dodgeball. Pupils kept their own scores and instructed the referees. Both classes showed great teamwork, cooperation and resilience whilst always playing to the whistle. At the end of the session, each team nominated their player of the competition.  Ask your children who won in their house and why. And the results? In Hazel class, Campbell won in a tense final game and in Bay class, Aardman and Stephenson drew. Which means that overall the dodgeball house champions of Year 5 are...Aardman.

Friends of Victoria Park Primary School

Community Planting Day – plant and bulb donations wanted!
On behalf of the PTFA, Maria is organising a community planting day to brighten-up the planters in front of the school. We’re looking for donations of plants and spring bulbs - anything that can be planted now to enjoy over the winter and into next spring. Please bring any donations with you when you drop-off or collect your children next week, and place them on the allocated table in the middle playground. We’ll be accepting donations from Monday 15th - Friday 20th November. Also keep an eye out for the date and time of our Community Planting Day to be announced soon - all volunteers welcome!
Small Business Monday
One of the aims of the PTFA is to help build the wider school community. We’re going to start a new initiative called “Small Business Monday” where we’ll feature local businesses with a connection to the school on our Facebook page. If you would like us to feature your small business, please send a short description of what you do and a link to your website (perhaps accompanied by a couple of photos) to with the subject “Small Business Monday”.
Christmas Cards – deadline extended!
Thank you to everyone who’s already supported the school by ordering their VPPS Christmas Cards. If it’s slipped your mind, don’t despair! The deadline for ordering your cards has been extended until midnight on Sunday (and you have until 4pm on Monday to return your completed card templates to the PTFA mailbox at the playground EXIT gate on Atlas Rd so that it can be sent to APFS for scanning). If you would like to place an order, all you need to do is visit the online shop at and input the unique artwork code found on the label on the reverse of your child’s artwork. You will also be asked to input your child’s first name and surname (please note this is for the school’s benefit to help with distribution of orders). If you have any questions about the project, please ask email the PTFA at or speak to Art Projects for Schools directly on 0800 027 1939.

Year 1 resources needed

We are making some additions to our Year 1 provision and are in need of the items listed below - if you can help with materials, resources, ideas or skills we'd be so grateful as we are trying to reuse and repurpose before buying new.
We need:

  • A mini workbench for woodworking.

  • Small offcuts of softwood, dowels etc.
  • Tools - small hammers, vices, clamps, hand drills, short screwdrivers, small spirit levels, tape measures.
  • Hardware - smallish nails, tacks, sandpaper, screws.
  • Accessories - milk bottle tops, corks, discs of wood, anything else that can be tacked onto a wonderful creation!
  • Small drawer sets to store nails in.
  • Storage - open wooden shelves for indoors similar to these:

  • Storage for outdoors; small shed, garden storage or wood for us to make a store like this:

Please email if you can help. Thankyou!

Can you help local wildlife in BS3?

You can make a difference by reporting your local wildlife sightings and be part of a community helping to protect animals and plants on your doorstep. BS3 Wildlife Group is made up of local people with an interest in native plants and local animals. Many of our members make their gardens as welcoming as possible - every window box counts! - or support park and allotment groups. Others help with counting passing butterflies, hedgehogs and other creatures and we publish reports about these. Did you know, in 2020, eighteen species of butterfly were recorded in BS3?! Many of our members share pictures and videos of plants and animals on our Facebook and Instagram pages to help with identification. Participation in the group is free and open to all ages and some of our keenest members are under 10! For more information go to or email

Speech and Language Drop-in Session

Please click below to see a poster about a telephone drop-in session taking place on Thursday 26th November, including details of how to book.

Free School Meals

Do you know if you are entitled to Free School Meals? Please click on the flyer below, which has been provided by our catering partner, Innovate, to find out more.

We were reminded yesterday that even at the rainiest of times, there is beauty in the world. If anyone was lucky enough to find the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, please donate it to the PTFA.  Don't forget to wear odd socks with your normal school uniform on Monday!