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Friday 12th March 2021

Welcome back to school everyone! As always, the children have blown us away with their exceptional attitudes and their positivity. It is lovely to hear the sound of pupils learning all around the school once more.

Drop off and collection

Thank you for helping everyone to stay safe by following the guidance and sticking to our one-way system through the playgrounds. Please remember that each yeargroup has a ten-minute drop off/collection window, in which you can arrive at any time. You do not need to arrive at school early. At the moment, we are experiencing long queues on the pavement outside school. There should be no need to queue if you arrive in the middle of your collection window.

Morning drop off Afternoon collection
8:35-8:45am Years 1, 3 & 5 3:15-3:25am Years 1, 3 & 5
8:40-8:50am Reception 3:20-3:30am Reception
8:50-9:00am Years 2, 4 & 6 3:30-3:40pm Years 2, 4 & 6

If you have children to collect at different times, please aim to arrive for the end of your first collection window. For children who walk to school without an adult (in years 5 and 6) please support them to leave the house at the correct time; many of them are arriving at school far too early.

Please let the office know by 2:45pm if there are any changes to who is picking up your child(ren). If we do not receive a message, or if we do not recognise the person coming to collect your child, we will not allow them to leave school.

Bristol Waste are holding community webinars so you can learn more about reducing, reusing and recycling waste in Bristol. March's webinar is all about food waste and will be held over Zoom on Wednesday 17th March.
More information and booking can be found on EventBrite by clicking here or by emailing

This year we will celebrate Red Nose Day and raise money for charity with a crazy hair day! Next Friday, children can do whatever they like with their hair and donate to Comic Relief. Whether it's hair gel, bunches, props, back-combing or colour, get creative and make the most of what you have (especially as the hairdressers and barbers are all closed)! We are encouraging cashless donations using school gateway.

Supporting your children with returning to school

This has been a challenging time for many people; not all children will be 100% positive about returning to school. If you, or your children, are particularly anxious about the transition, support is available to you. Children or young people with special educational needs and disability (SEND) may need extra support to settle back into the school routine and get used to new rules. For a range of mental health and wellbeing services for all ages, including resources and information on supporting pupils with SEND, click here to visit Coronavirus (COVID-19): Guide to going back to school, or call the Support and Connect helpline on 0800 0126 549.
The BBC have also created an excellent resource called "How to help your child feel better about being back in school" which provides five simple and effective strategies from a children's clinical psychologist.

Please join us in congratulating Mr and Mrs Bliss on a new addition to their family. We look forward to seeing Mr Bliss back in school when he returns from paternity leave! Have a lovely weekend everyone.