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Today we are going to making a comic strip based on the story ‘The Creature in the Cave’. Your main character will also find a creature in a cave. Before creating your story board, what will your cave be like? What will your creature be like? You could use your ideas from Wednesday to help you. In ‘The Creature in the Cave’ at the end of the story we were surprised, as readers, because the main character was a dragon! What will your main character be like? Will the reader be surprised?


On the story board template attached there are 3 different options, some have more lines than others so choose the one that you think will be best for you to write your ideas on.


First Introduce your character (but not too much information, the reader can’t guess what you are!), Where does your story start?

Second You find the creature, what do they look like? How did you find it? What did the creature do when you discovered it?

Third What did you do after you found the creature? How are you going to reveal your character? Make sure the readers are surprised!


The sheets only have 3 boxes but you can use as many as you want!


Challenge: Write your short story, using the plan to help you and film yourself reading it and then share it with us so we can hear your fantastic stories!


This week, there is a bit of a change again.


Unfortunately, White Rose have stopped providing maths sheets for free so this week you have two options for maths practice. We have used some of the White Rose ideas to make the activities. If you manage to do both then great! The 2 options are linked this week.


1. Continue following the daily lessons on Bitesize


2. Today, we really need to work on our 4x table so we become really confident.


If you already feel like you know your 4xtable, you could do some practice on the 8xtable. What links can you find?


For those people who are confident on both, there is a little investigation for you to try out.