Welcome to our school website - please come in and take a look around. Do you know our six school values? They are co-operation, respect, determination, gratitude, honesty and kindness.

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Foundation Topics

Foundation Topics

We are going to continue using Duolingo to help us learn French!
You will need to sign up if you haven’t already - get a grown up to help you.



We are going to continue practising our coding skills on
For Juniper Class, click here

For Lime Class, click here

Find your name and type in the secret pass you were sent.
If you can't remember your log in, send us an email.



Go to Sing Up to practise your singing - perhaps you can get your grown ups involved! As well as a new song each week, there are videos, music and activities.



History, Geography, Science and more!
Head to Bitesize Daily for a range of lessons - perhaps you could start
your own mini project on an area of interest!