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Term 3  Week 6

Hello all, 


Welcome to Reception's home learning / in school key worker learning page. We hope you and your families are well. 


We wanted to outline some information as to how this site will work. 


Under each date you will find the core home learning to be completed. We are asking that one piece of work each day be sent to us on the early years email address, please do however try and complete all of the core learning challenges each day if possible. When sending this work please can you ensure that you include your child's full name and class. The core work we are asking to be sent to us is as follows: 


Monday - Tricky words challenge

Tuesday - Math challenge

Wednesday - Phonics challenge

Thursday - Writing/Literacy challenge

Friday - Handwriting challenge


There are then additional learning activities in the weekly tasks sections which will also be updated regularly. In the story section their are stories read by the childrens teachers. In each of these sections there are lots of activities your children can complete independently. 


We will be in touch with you regularly responding to the work sent in and generally to check in - please note that this could be via email or telephone and won't necessarily be from your child's normal class teacher. 


Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us if you have any concerns or worries. We are here to support in every way we can. 


On a Friday we will also produce a celebration video highlighting some of the learning that has happened in school and at home, this is a brilliant chance for your child to see what their friends have been up to - please send in pictures of any learning your child wishes to share for this. Please note we will follow the schools photo permission form in regards to whether your child can be included in this as it will be shared on this site. 


Thank you very much for your continued support


The Reception Team :)



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