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Extra maths

Don't forget Mathletics and Times Tables Rock Stars. These can both be accessed with your Mathletics password. Email us if you need a reminder of your login details.
 White Rose maths Problem Of The Day These are great for putting your maths skills to the test! Have a pencil and paper handy to do those jottings and don't forget the Bar Model is your friend for some tricky problems!
I See Maths is delivered by Gareth Metcalfe, a primary mathematician. The lessons are short and well instructed and will help you think about maths in different ways and use your maths skills for a variety of challenges. Enjoy!

Times Tables

Keep practising your times tables. Below are some activities for the 6x tables.

You can also play some timed games here.


One thing that you can always be practising is learning to tell the time! It's an extremely important life skill and something you can definitely try out at home! We have put plenty of activities on Mathletics to practise this skill but you can also try out using this interactive clock: Ask an adult at home to give you some different times to make. You could even make your own paper clock - we'd love to see your creations!

These are the things we need to learn about time in Year 3:













Why not try some of the activities on Twinklparents for Telling the Time  

You could practise your Roman numerals by making a number code for your parents or siblings to crack.