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Extra literacy

This week you will finish reading Oliver and the Seawigs. 

An extra literacy challenge this week is to write your own adventure story.

Before you begin, you need to think about the main character, a setting that they could visit, and the things that happen to them.

Below are 3 sheets that will help you to plan your story.


This is the last line of a book on Miss Datta's shelf. Your challenge is to write the story that leads to this final line!


And there in the valley they spent the whole of their lives, apart from a few times when they left it and travelled for a change.


We would love to hear your stories this week! 

Mix up a story treat!

Have a look at Mr Bliss' Literacy Story Challenge at the bottom of the Year 2 Home Learning page. Mr Bliss has chosen some story ingredients and you can disappear off into your imagination to create a story. We can't wait to read your creations!!

Make your own story cubes with this template:

The Literacy Shed

Choose your shed and you can see pictures and watch clips to fire your imagination and get writing!

Spelling Practise

There are many games and activities on the internet to help support you in learning spellings. Here are some examples.