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Term 6 - Plants

This term we will be delving into the wonderful world of plants. After an incredible Spring of sunshine there are plenty about to see! We will be using our super science skills over the term, to  and see how plants grow and change.


Our Enquiry question is:

Which plants can be found locally?

We have lots of exciting ideas for being plant detectives in your neighbourhood and can't wait to see all your photos of what you have been up to!

Week 2: 

Thank you for all your super plant questions on our padlet - if you've not added a question yet, why not add one this week?!


Start by looking at this clip of different plants growing 


1. What are the parts of a plant?

Have a look at a plant in your garden or the park.

  • Can you see the different parts of the plant?
  • Do you know what they are called?
  • What do you think their job is?

Then watch this clip: Parts of a plant 


Task 1 – Draw and label a plant with the basic parts. You can use the sheet below or draw your own. Here are some words to help you:


2. What do plants need to grow?

Plants need some important things to grow healthy and strong (just like you do!). Do you know what they are?

Watch this clip to find out: What do plants need to grow? 


Task 2 – Draw a picture to show what plants need to grow or you can fill out the worksheet below.

This is Agnes' super picture showing what plants need to grow:

Here are some more clips you might like to watch all about how plants grow:

How plants grow from seed and develop roots 

Runner bean plant sped up

Why do plants need roots? 

Why do plants need water?

Week 2 Task 1

Week 2 Task 2

Week 1:

Watch this clip to help you start thinking about all the different kinds of plant in the world.


Task 1Your first task is to choose a plant to observe over the next few weeks to answer the question ‘How do plants change?’ and fill out the sheet below, or, if you don't have access to a printer, you can just write down your plan and decorate it your own way!

Your chosen plant could be a vegetable plant you have grown from seed, a tree in the park or a flower you have spotted on your daily walk. Over this term you are going to use your Super Science Skills to  your chosen plant. You might like to take a photo of it now and every week so you can share with us what you have observed. By the end of term we would love you to share with us how your plant has changed in whatever way you would like; you could create a photo story or collage, write a diary from the plant’s perspective, make a short nature film about what you observe, do some measuring each week, sketch the changes you see – be as creative as you like as long as you can answer the question in some way!!

Task 2 - Write down some things you know about plants already – you could write a list, make a poster or a factfile or tell a grown-up

Task 3Think of a curious question about plants that you would like to find the answer to. Add it to our Year 1 Padlet by clicking on this linkWe can’t wait to see all your super thoughtful questions!