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Enquiry - Lifecycles

Today, you'll have a chance to review your knowledge of lifecycles.

For your first task, look at the table in the image below. By using the colours green (yes), yellow (some animals) and red (no), can you decide which animals relate to each feature:


Today, your task is to create a 'Life-cycle board game to demonstrate your understand of one life-cycle of your choice!

Your board game must have an element that involves answering questions about the life-cycle.

These questions could be on the squares of your board or on separate cards!


Here's a list of other things you'll need to consider:

  • Which lifecycle will your board game focus on?
  • What will be the design of the board game itself and how will it relate to the life-cycle you've chosen?
  • What are the rules of your game? Will players have to go back? Can they jump forward? How?


Here's some inspiration: