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Week 7: Why are plants important?


This week we are finishing off our learning about plants by thinking about why they are so important. It may be quite surprising how important plants actually are! When watching the clips below, see if you can record all of the different ways plants are important to us.


1. Recap last week by watching this short clip again. Whilst watching it this week, think about why plants are important.

2. Now watch this clip:

3. Now please watch this clip:

4. Then have a look at this PowerPoint:

Choose one of the follow up tasks below:


1.  Make a poster answering the question 'Why are plants important?' You could present this however you like, on paper, on your computer etc. Here are two examples:





Extra task if you'd like to have a go:

Extra lesson:

If you’d like to find out about how plants adapt (change) to live in different environments then click on the link below for an extra lesson from the Oak Academy: