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What do people eat around the world? 


Homework project


For your homework project this term, we would like you to cook a dish from a different country and create a recipe card to go with it. You might choose a dish that is important to you and your family or you might be inspired to try food from a country that you learn about over this enquiry. Your dish can be savory or sweet, it's up to you! The deadline for your homework project is Friday the 26th of June. Please submit a picture of what you have cooked alongside a recipe card that details which country your dish is from. We will share a virtual home work gallery in week 5 to celebrate all of your work and hopefully inspire others (including your teachers) to cook something new! If possible, please can you submit your recipe cards as a word document or PDF. 


We hope that you all have lots of fun in the kitchen and we can't wait to try some of your recipes! 


Miss Bunnett and Mr Mepsted.  

Week one:


To kick off our enquiry, we would like you to draw a picture of your favourite meal, write a list of the ingredients and find out which country your favourite meal originates from. Next, we would like you to investigate what other dishes originate from that country? Is there something else that you would like to try? 


Main activity:

Have a look at the world food cards attached below. Find out what countries the different meals originate from and complete the worksheet below. Don't forget to find each country on the map and colour code it using the key on sheet two.