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Term 6's Enquiry is all about animals and plants. First of all we are looking at animals, including ourselves. Here are two questions for you to think about and discuss straight away!


  • Humans are animals. What features do we have in common with animals?
  • Is there anything that makes us different from other animals?


That last question is where philosophy and science meet and has been debated throughout human history. Keep an eye on the P4C section of the website this term.

For the first two weeks of the term, we are going to be learning about animals, including humans, by thinking about skeletons and nutrition. For the remainder of the term, we will look at plants and identify their different parts. We will understand how plants grow.

You may remember that we asked you to send us drawings, photographs or descriptions of the plants and flowers you have around you. Please continue to look and send anything you have created to our email address.