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Class story - James and the Giant Peach Chapter 1&2

Miss Godfroy has kindly recorded James and the Giant Peach for our Year 3 class story. We will add a few ideas for activities based on each chapter. Are you sitting comfortably.....?!

James and the Giant Peach CHAPTER 1

James and the Giant Peach CHAPTER 2

CHAPTER 1&2 task

Can you draw a picture of what the aunts might look like in the story?

This is the description:


Aunt Sponge was enormously fat and very short. She had small piggy eyes, a sunken mouth and one of those white flabby faces that looked exactly as though it had been boiled. She was like a great white soggy overboiled cabbage. Aunt Spiker, on the other hand, was lean and tall and bony, and she wore steel-rimmed spectacles that fixed on to the end of her nose with a clip. She had a screeching voice and long wet narrow lips, and whenever she got angry or excited, little flecks of spit would come shooting out of her mouth as she talked. And there they sat, these two ghastly hags, sipping their drinks, and every now and again screaming at James to chop faster and faster. They also talked about themselves, each one saying how beautiful she thought she was.